"made in Benicia" branding Initiative

Made In Benicia” (MIB)  is a brand building tool to identify, recognize and promote the artistic and cultural community as well as business enterprises that are unique and call Benicia home.

HISTORIC RELEVANCE: The “Made In Benicia California” Seal was originally drafted in the 1920s. Its original can be seen in the Benicia Historical Museum at the Camel Barns. Although the “Made In Benicia California” image was never finalized past the draft stage, a two-color “Benicia California Progress” seal was created and used as large banners hanging throughout the city during 1920s and 1930s.

TODAY: The “Made In Benicia California” Seal can be used today on brochures, business cards, hang tags, labels, and websites to bring attention to our unique city on the water with its vibrant arts community and rich historical past.

LOGO USAGE: Many sizes of the seal are available for use, in black and white or ghosted to 10% black. The smallest size the circular seal can be used is 1-inch diameter for legibility, and only in black and white.